Just wanted to share that Ethan had a wonderful time in Daisy Roots during the Easter break.  He woke up on Saturday morning feeling sad and a bit teary.  When we asked why he said because he misses Daisy Roots.  We said he will go there again for the summer club but he said that's a long way away.    He's never liked any holiday clubs he's been to and when we asked why he likes Daisy Roots so much, he said that the teachers are very nice and it's just so much fun there.  We just thought you might like to know how great you're doing and how happy you make the kids. Thank you so much!

Hey Lauren,  Amelie was asking me AGAIN on the way home if she could do Daisy Roots holiday club. If I can cancel our other holiday club booking, do you have any space for all 5 days? Thank you! 


We wanted to say a massive thank you for creating such a brilliant holiday club!
We knew how much Euan loves coming to you after school but it’s always a bit nerve wracking when you try somewhere for the holiday, especially when you know you’d rather be having days off with them. We needn’t have worried tho, he didn’t want to come home at the end of each day!

The mix of activities, the free play (ie not rigid like School needs to be!) and especially the days out (“can you imagine having a garden like in Ham House?”) were spot on.
It really felt like he had a brilliant holiday.
Thank you!!!

our son LOVES coming to you after school, and for breakfast. It’s so lovely to hear what he’s been playing; he never remembers what he’s done at school! When I come to collect, everyone’s usually mid game, outside, but he’s also often so into the fun of the make believe they’ve been using that I just get talked ‘at’ for 10min until he’s finished describing their creations to his satisfaction. Thank you for making us so happy and being such a brilliant part of our lives.